Fall 2021

Celebrating Alumni Stories: Kathryn and John Fairfield ’66

Much has changed in the 55 years since John Fairfield and Kathryn Stoltzfus Fairfield earned their high school diplomas, along with 75 classmates, at EMHS in 1966. But some core elements remain steady, the couple — now married nearly 52 years — observes. EMS remains true to its Anabaptist roots, they say, and continues to…

Celebrating Alumni Stories: Justin Weirich ’06, DO

Like countless other health care professionals, Dr. Justin Weirich ’06 was among those who went the “extra mile” to serve clients during the height of a COVID-19 outbreak last year. A family medicine practitioner at Lutheran Health Physicians in Fort Wayne, Ind., Weirich and his colleagues observed a lack of sufficient COVID testing capacity in local…

Fall 2021 Welcome New Faculty & Staff

New faculty and staff members: Karla Alderfer Tierney – Dining hall manager Benjamin Bixler – high school Bible and humanities courses Oscar Erazo – fleet and grounds coordinator Nathan Hershberger – AP world history Matthew Overacker – PE and health, 6-10 Eliz Ozcan – International Student Officer Karen Suderman – Adds high school Bible to…

Faith at Work

“Faith at Work” is this year’s theme for chapel (grades 6-12) and weekly elementary gathering. Claire Parsley ’22, and Elisabeth Fink ’22, shared the following in an introductory chapel. To see chapel videos, search YouTube for “Eastern Mennonite School Chapel.” Claire: “Faith at Work” has been selected for this year’s chapel theme. This school has…

Ember Re-do

Paging through old copies of Ember, the 2021 Ember staff noticed the stunning color image on the inside covers of the 1966 edition. A dash to the theatre department’s costume closet resulted in this “re-do.” Enjoy!

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