Community Keeps Us Strong During COVID-19 Closure

By Paul Leaman , Head of School

Nothing I have done in my 30+ years as an educator and school administrator compares to the challenges brought by COVID-19.

As a small private school, EMS was uniquely positioned to nimbly respond to our students’ social and emotional well being, as well as educational needs. Thanks to the diligent work and commitment of our teachers, our move to virtual learning formats was nearly seamless, though not without pain and loss. Our students demonstrated resilience and positivity, even as they grieved lost time with friends, athletic competition, performances, and celebrations.

Our resilience as a community in a time of crisis came, in part, because we are intentional about building relationships in “normal” times. We encourage students, teachers and staff to listen to each other, not just to hear, but to develop empathy and understanding.

This strength as a community allowed us to shine in this dark time. In these days and always, EMS aspires to reflect Christ’s light as a learning community where every student belongs, thrives, and lives God’s call. We remain committed to that vision and join with the broader community in prayer for people of all ages and places as we rely on God’s grace in difficult times.

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