EMS is #FlamesStrong

By Andrea Schrock Wenger , Director of Advancement

Rapidly changing information, disbelief, fear, and confusion hit EMS in early March as much of the rest of the country began its own journey with COVID-19. Our last “normal’’ day of school was Thursday, March 12, when students departed for what they thought would be a long weekend, wrapping up third quarter.

From March 18 through June 5, kindergarten through grade 12 classes continued virtually. Teachers, principals, and counselors tuned in first to students’ social and emotional well being, even as they facilitated curricular work.

Administrators reviewed parent and student feedback, continuously adapting programming. “We were strong relationally before COVID-19,” reflects Justin King, high school principal. “And we are able to shine more than ever in this crisis because of that.”

One parent observed: “The quick response EMS has had in the midst of the pandemic has enabled EMS students to continue learning and advancing academically in ways their peers in other school systems, unfortunately, haven’t been able to. This is a blessing we don’t take for granted.”

In the next issue of Today we will report on scenarios for EMS life together this fall as we remain nimble and ready to respond to public health directives. While it is hard to change, we are grateful for our learning community, ready to adapt to our changing world, and nurture the students in our care for positive and productive futures.

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