State of the School 2021: A New Era

By Andrea Schrock Wenger , Director of advancement

Susan Stoltzfus with second graders on their first day back after distance learning.

A global pandemic – paired with societal awakening about equity and division – forces a once- in-a-generation opportunity to evaluate what matters. For EMS, that has meant a chance to review everything from daily schedules to sacred traditions.

A lot of the work we’ve done since March of 2020 has been painful. But as we move into 2021 and prepare the 2021-22 school calendar, we think deeply about a new era. We don’t want to return to the way things were always done. We will build on what worked well, and use this opportunity to change.

We will continue:

  • to strive toward our vision of being a Christ-centered learning community where every student belongs, thrives, and lives God’s call.
  • our interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes experiential learning and 1:1 mentoring that keeps social and emotional well-being in the forefront.
  • our commitment to nurturing academically prepared, compassionate, service- minded students.

With fresh vision, we will:

  • make time to develop and implement innovative teaching practices that foster engagement in meaningful ways for students.
  • explore creative ways to meet the high demand for an EMS education, particularly for elementary age students.
  • view curriculum and practices through a racial equity lens, develop a more diverse faculty, and strive for a student body that better reflects the diversity of our area.
  • continue our emphasis on peacebuilding and creation care.

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